Warrs now face pre-Katrina fraud charges

Former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and his wife, Laura, face new federal fraud charges.

The new charges date back before Hurricane Katrina. The government alleges the couple schemed to defraud Countrywide Home Loans by providing false information in order to obtain a mortgage.

Count 17 of the indictment says in October 2003, the Warrs “made false statements to Countrywide Home Loans” to obtain a loan in the amount of $141,000.

Count 18 charges the Warrs with providing “fraudulent information regarding the status of property located at 11142 Coleman Road in Gulfport, Mississippi, purporting to be their primary residence, at a time when defendants had a commercial lease on said property to others utilizing the property as a personal care home.”

The government also alleges the couple signed a Deed of Trust on the Coleman Road property, which they knew to be false.