Meet the 18 House Dems whose votes matter most on health care

When health care reform passed the House in November, the vote was 220-215. Since that time, three Democrats who voted “yes” are no longer in the House (two resigned, one died). Also, the sole Republican voting “yes” has announced he will vote “no” when the Senate bill is brought to the House. One Democrat who voted “no” — Rep. Eric Massa, N.Y. — has announced he will resign.
Moreover, as many as a dozen Democrats who voted “yes” on the House version say they will vote “no” on the Senate version because it lacks language to prevent taxpayer subsidies for abortion coverage. Included in this group are Reps. Bart Stupak (Mich.), Jim Oberstar (Minn.), Marion Berry (Ark.) and Dan Lipinksi (Ill.).
If this math is correct, then Democrats have only about 205 votes to pass health care reform. With four empty House seats, they will need 216.
Democratic leaders will be working furiously to twist the arms of the 39 Democrats who voted “no” last time. Their names are listed below.

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