A look at the top stories in Mississippi in 2015

Here is a look at Mississippi’s Top 10 news stories of 2015 as selected by The Associated Press:


Debate about the Confederate battle emblem in the Mississippi flag reignites after the June massacre of nine black worshippers at a South Carolina church. The white man charged in the slayings had posed with the Confederate banner in photos posted online. Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn said his own faith causes him to see the Mississippi flag as “a point of offense that needs to be removed.” Several cities and counties, and two universities, stop flying the state flag. Republican Gov. Phil Bryant says he respects results of a 2001 election, when voters chose to keep the Confederate emblem on the flag. But, Bryant also says if the issue is going to be revisited, it should happen during the November 2016 election.


Truck driver Robert Gray, who spent little and didn’t even vote for himself, wins the Democratic primary for governor and loses by a wide margin in the general election to Republican Gov. Phil Bryant. A state House race ends in a tie. Five-term Democratic Rep. Bo Eaton of Taylorsville and Republican challenger Mark Tullos of Raleigh draw straws to determine Eaton as the winner, but Tullos appeals his loss to the state House, questioning the way votes were counted. Two other legislative races also are being appealed, with candidates questioning the way elections were conducted. The House and Senate will consider the appeals in 2016.

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