Miss. House Approves Two Bills Tuesday: Second Amendment Task Force & Voluntary Web Tax to Cities

The first bill creates a “Second Amendment Task Force” that would begin in May and would dissolve in January the following year. The task force would analyze state law and laws in other states related to firearms in order to protect and expand the right of Mississippian’s to keep and bear arms with the intent of promoting public safety. Rep. Andy Gibson claims the findings of the task force will be comprehensive to the point that issues related to second amendment rights should not have to readdressed for 10 or more years. The bill passed 92-23

The second bill that passed would send a percentage voluntary taxes collected from internet purchases to municipalities across the state. Proponents argue that cities are losing revenue to online retailers who are unaffected by state sales taxes. Municipalities would then have the autonomy to decide what to do with the money. The bill passed 93-23.