Mississippi summer has arrived! Though the mercury is rising in the thermometer, that doesn’t mean our intensity is dropping. Sharon and I are busier than ever traveling throughout the state speaking about our strong, conservative, Republican vision for Mississippi. Growing up in Mississippi taught me that hard work is the way to succeed, and that is what Sharon and I are doing on the campaign trail. I will work even harder for you when I am lieutenant governor-Mississippi needs a workhorse, not a showhorse.

Yesterday, I released the third chapter of the Ross Action Agenda. This latest installment addresses education and the many challenges we face making sure our children enter the “real world” with the education and skills they need to succeed in our 21st Century economy. But as with any other issue in this campaign, I don’t just talk about the problem-I offer solutions. With commonsense, conservative policies, we can move our education system forward. I outline five steps we can take to achieve greater success in the classroom, including providing incentives for teachers to teach past their retirement eligibility, programs that will allow students to take courses that prepare them to work if they do not choose to attend college, continuing to fully fund adequate education, implementing a program to make it easier for professionals to become teachers, and ensuring our colleges and universities are amply funded. Please read the full plan at http://charlieross.com/media/Education_Agenda.pdf.

Yesterday, I spoke to the Lowndes County Republican Women for lunch. Later that night, I was honored to receive the endorsement of my good friend and colleague Republican state Senator Terry Brown. Through my years working with him in the Senate, I have come to respect and trust Senator Brown’s judgment as a good, conservative ally. Senator Brown is the fourth of my Republican colleagues in the Senate to announce their support for my candidacy, joining Sen. Walter Michel, Sen. Ralph Doxey, and Sen. Richard White.

On Monday, Dr. Matt Friedeman with American Family Radio was kind enough to host an on-air debate between my opponent and me. Over the course of the hour, we discussed crime, family values, casino gambling, abortion, and immigration. Hopefully this is only the first of several debates in the eight weeks before the August 7th Primary where my opponent and I will be able to discuss the issues in an open, one-on-one format. The Hinds County Republican Executive Committee and the Harrison County Republican Club both extended invitations several weeks ago for the Republican Lt. Governor candidates to debate. I have accepted both invitations and I hope Phil Bryant will do so as well.

This morning, I participated in an education debate on the Coast with all of the lieutenant governor candidates. I enjoyed sharing my plan to improve education in front of an audience of educators. In addition, I made the same three promises I make every place I visit. First, I am conservative in my philosophy. Second, I am straightforward-you may not always agree with me, but you will always know where I stand. And third, I will be accessible and I will listen. It is important to always speak the same message-regardless of where I am.

This past Saturday, I spent the evening at the Magnolia Motor Speedway in Columbus for the 4th Annual Governor’s Cup. For those of you who have never seen dirt-track auto racing, it is a thrilling experience with the speed, the noise, and the competition. I came away with a great respect for the skill of the drivers and the dedication of the teams who do this every week. During the race, I was honored to ride in the pace car and present the $5000 prize check to the winner of this year’s Governor’s Cup, Ronnie Johnson.

With the primary election less than eight weeks away, we need your help more than ever to get our conservative Republican message to all Mississippians. One of the most powerful ways we can do that is by you getting involved in your community, church, or neighborhood. By contacting our Campaign Headquarters either on our website, http://www.charlieross.com, or by calling 601-362-ROSS (7677), you can volunteer your time, donate financially, and request free yard signs, bumper stickers, and push cards to give to your friends and family. By working together, we can continue to move Mississippi forward.

Charlie Ross Campaign