Lynn Fitch sounds like a Democrat at NCF; maybe rumors are true she will be supported by Jim Hood and Mike Moore

Several people attending the Neshoba County Fair for all the political speeches commented that State Treasurer Lynn Fitch sounded more like a Democrat than a Republican. That only fuels the rumors that former attorney general Mike Moore and current AG Jim Hood will back Fitch who is making no secret of the fact she plans to be a candidate for attorney general in 2019. The speculation is Hood will run for governor in three years or likely retire from politics to enter private practice. Both Moore and Hood reportedly feel a Democrat can’t win in the next election and they would support Fitch and more importantly, encourage their major financial supporters to back Fitch. If Hood does not seek re-election, Fitch will not have a clean path to the Republican nomination. Former U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst and other legitimate Republican contenders will enter the GOP primary. So Fitch will be playing a potentially risky game if she plays footsie with Moore, Hood and their plaintiff attorney supporters.

The Weidie Report