Holding Jackson accountable is vital

Mr. Reeves’ questions are simple and similar to those I’ve asked as city councilman over these last few years: What do you plan to do with the money? Will the projects benefit the most taxpayers? What are the procurement costs and costs of issuance? Will the projects be competitively bid or handed out to political friends? How will the money be paid back and is that an undue burden on local taxpayers?

Mayor Johnson calls these fundamental requests a “slap in the face” and as usual thunders about outside interference in local matters, saying that any agency or person challenging his administration has inappropriately violated the city’s sovereignty.

I can relate, Tate.

Now you know what my life on the council is like on a weekly basis. Most of my requests for detailed information concerning city financial matters are met with stonewalling and umbrage and the mayor’s complaints of micro-managing by the council.

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Councilman Jeff Weill
Northside Sun

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