Welcome to the budding world of elite travel football, recruitniks

Brett Goetz, the Fort Lauderdale stock broker who created the traveling seven-on-seven team two years ago, knew his players far too well to fall for their ruse. Still, he had his own issues. As he sat in the first row, Goetz pressed an iPhone to his ear.
“Which NCAA rule is it?” Goetz asked, knowing he didn’t want to hear the answer to his question. In the next few hours, Goetz would receive an unpleasant piece of NCAA news, one of his assistant coaches would be locked in the bus bathroom for several hilarious minutes and several players would commandeer the bus microphone for a freestyle rap contest that didn’t conclude until every passenger had been properly skewered. Only hours into the six-day trip, Goetz stood in the aisle and yelled to no one in particular.