I’d like to welcome you as one of the first visitors to YallSports.com. We are building off the fantastic success of YallPolitics.com, which was started by Alan Lange three years ago. YallPolitics has changed how political news is delivered in Mississippi. Alan and I have come together to build a site dedicated to the one thing that might be more interesting than politics in Mississippi, and that is sports in Mississippi.

Just to get you acquainted with the site, we have some neat functionality that we want you to be aware of. Our goal is to make this the Mississippi sports fan’s dashboard. Directly below this article are some links to sites that will help keep you up to speed on Mississippi sports. In our middle column, we will have stories organized by categories. We do have some automated content mixed in as well. On the right hand column, we feature your comments. Finally, on the bottom right hand column are sports blog feeds that are updated every few hours.

If you use YallPolitics, the good news is that you are already a member. Your login and ID will be identical on both sites. You can go into your Control Panel and under “Edit Profile”, you can choose from about 8 different team colors that will set your background colors but also order stories with your team’s links at the top of the middle section. If you are not already a member, click “Register” up top and take a minute to join. You will be given the option to choose your team in the setup process.

Please email me at bo at yallsports dot com, if you have any news you want covered or if you have any ideas how we can improve the site. Don’t forget to catch Out of Bounds on SuperSport 930 weekdays from 7:00-10:00 a.m. where we broadcast live from our new studios in the Alumni House Sports Grill in Ridgeland.