What do racial preservationist Brian Pace and accused exploiter of a vulnerable adult Clayton Kelly have in common besides being avid supporters of Chris McDaniel?

Both Pace and Kelly are listed on the Mississippi for Liberty website’s leaderboard for the most “political capital.” Pace was number 15 all time while Kelly was number 3 this month.

UPDATE – The page was taken down subsequent to this post. Thank goodness for google cache.

What is Mississippi for Liberty?

Mississippi for Liberty describes itself as “an independent, non-profit action group based in Jackson, MS. We operate by voluntary contributions. No staff member receives payment for their voluntary service.”

The site says the group was “born out of the belief that we must cast aside the labels that divide us, in order to keep our Constitution and our democracy strong. We focus on issues rather than party. We invite Republicans, Tea Party members, Libertarians and any person willing to work toward less government, lower taxes and more freedom to work with us to recruit, educate and mobilize volunteer activists.”

One has to ask what type of activists Mississippi for Liberty is cultivating when your top contributors are two of such questionable character.

Don’t believe us? Check it for your self here.