Baltimore Needs Haley Barbour

That is a very important question to ponder as we study events happening in the world around us, and especially as we look at the events in Baltimore in the last week.

The buzz around Washington is, what could have been done? What should be done now? As many of us pondered the questions, I thought of the one person I know who could make a difference in Baltimore right now, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour.

Former Gov. Haley Barbour being suggested as the one who could make a difference in Baltimore? The same Haley Barbour who is identified with supporting the Confederate flag symbol is the man for the job? Why?…

…Barbour could move Baltimore ahead and through this by putting programs in place to bring lasting change and business development. Like the Gulf Coast, Baltimore is a port. Gov. Barbour knows about ports and how to increase jobs and commerce. He could help do the same right now with Baltimore‚Äôs port. He could put programs in to teach skills to residents who have been unemployed or underemployed.

Would we ever have known what Gov. Barbour was capable of had there never been a devastating Hurricane Katrina? Most likely not. History made Gov. Barbour, but he also had the character to step up to the plate. The unfortunate events of this last week are calling for leadership. That is why we need someone with the fiber and vision of former Gov. Haley Barbour. Baltimore needs him now.