What Now? With Jevan Snead bailing for the NFL, Ole Miss weighs its options at quarterback

When quarterback Jevan Snead made his final decision to declare for the NFL Draft instead of coming back to Ole Miss for his senior season, coach Houston Nutt started punching buttons on his phone almost immediately.

Who was he calling?

Nathan Stanley and Raymond Cotton – the two most likely candidates to take Snead’s spot.

“I just called them to make sure they’re ready,” Nutt said. “We need them to grow up in a hurry.”

There’s little doubt that Snead’s surprising announcement on Thursday afternoon leaves a huge void for the Rebels. Even though he wasn’t always consistent, Snead was one of the most productive quarterbacks in school history, finishing with 5,394 passing yards and 46 passing touchdowns.

His experience would have been invaluable for the 2010 season, especially considering the Rebels are already losing star playmakers Dexter McCluster and Shay Hodge.

Instead, the Rebels will have to almost completely restock their offense, replacing three offensive linemen, the quarterback, the top running back and top receiver.