What sports figures really say behind closed doors

Wrigley Field played a prominent role in the federal wiretaps that could bring down Gov. Rod Blagojevich. He allegedly threatened to block a sale of the ballpark unless Tribune Co., owner of the Cubs and the ballpark as well as this newspaper, fired some of the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board members.
That might seem like a thin connection to the sports world, probably because it is, but it does make the imagination wander a bit. What would happen if famous athletes, coaches, owners, etc., were wiretapped? What might they be caught saying?
Glad you asked. Let’s listen in.
Bernard Berrian: “How stupid do the Bears look for letting me go to Minnesota?”
Jerry Angelo: “We didn’t like Bernard’s floor or his ceiling. We did like his dinette set.”

Roger Clemens: “My wife has stayed strong through all of this. Her bench press is up to 300 pounds.”