Can politics be avoided in tax-reform work?

Whether Gunn’s goal of “comprehensive reform” of tax policy is in the offing is questionable: potential reforms face political hatchets from both sides of the aisle and private interests.

The first full meeting Thursday of the new joint legislative committee on tax policy — co chaired by Gunn and Reeves — was more of a Republican I-told-you-so presentation in defense of GOP corporate tax cuts over the last five years than a deep dive into where reform is needed…

…Transportation and business leaders have been lobbying lawmakers to increase revenue by $400 million to $600 million a year for road and bridge maintenance, warning that the infrastructure is crumbling. But many conservatives in the GOP legislative majority have balked at increasing taxes.

Gunn said: “We are working to address that.”

Reeves and Gunn said they want Mississippians’ input on tax reform, and are seeking comments via email at

Clarion Ledger