With Democrat Michael Herrington now out of the 4th Congressional District race, the Mississippi Democratic Party has a short time to file a replacement candidate to carry their mantle.

Don’t place your bets on State Rep. David Baria or on a carpetbagger run by former State Rep. Brandon Jones (formerly of Pascagoula, now residing in Madison). Neither have anything to gain from such a short lived, underdog run. It would actually hurt them in the long term.

Another name being bantered about is former State Rep. Dirk Dedeaux, or who was affectionately referred to as Mr. Disney World during his last term. While he would like to try and reinvent himself and seek some sort of relevance, Dedeaux would not fare well and essentially be a sacrificial lamb for the Democrats.

Only three Democrats could make this race interesting but would still face an uphill battle – Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran, and former Congressman Gene Taylor.

Both DuPree and Moran have little to gain but a lot to lose since municipal elections are quickly approaching. DuPree would conceivably fare better given the up ticket momentum President Obama is trying to build.

Taylor could be the hero for the Democrats if he were to come out of retirement but his statements in the last election of not supporting the Democratic nominee for President and other politically sensitive issues would have to be resolved in the Democrats’ minds before they wholeheartedly endorse him.

But Taylor would place the 4th District in a toss up if he entered with some Tea Party supporters considering the Libertarian Ron Williams, making Republican incumbent Steven Palazzo slightly vulnerable.

Herrington was not going to win but the question now is if the Democrats can pull off a coup of sorts with him out. Conventional wisdom says no but stranger things have happened in Mississippi politics.

Yall Politics will keep an eye on this as it develops.



The state Democratic executive committee voted tonight to nominate candidates for The United States House of Representatives in the Third and Fourth Congressional Districts to replace nominees who have withdrawn.

The Democratic nominee for U.S. Representative in the 3rd Congressional District is Vicki Slater of Madison.

The Democratic nominee for U.S. Representative in the 4th Congressional District is Matthew Moore of Biloxi.

The candidates’ names and other information must be submitted to the State Election Commission in care of the Secretary of State’s office for approval before they may be certified to appear on the ballot.

“We are pleased that Vicki and Matthew have stepped forward to be our party’s standard bearers for the fall. They will give the voters of the third and fourth districts an opportunity to elect much better representation to Congress on November 6th.” Said Rickey Cole, Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party.