Analysis: Wright’s time as superintendent at crossroads

Carey Wright wanted to be a superintendent pretty badly, but sometimes you have to wonder if she knew what she was getting into when she took the job leading Mississippi’s public schools.

Just in the last month, the governor made it harder for Wright to reorganize the state Department of Education by vetoing a bill that would have exempted the department from civil service rules, partly over concerns that the department’s chief information officer, John Porter, was being paid more than the legal limit….

…During the run-up to Tuesday’s specially called Board of Education meeting, supporters began to fear the board was going to fire Wright. That didn’t happen, and Board Chairman John Kelly of Gulfport gave her a renewed vote of confidence after a long closed session.

Still, though, 2 ½ years into Wright’s term, history suggests that her time at the helm of Mississippi’s schools may be more than half done.