Where Is Tommy Tuberville Heading?

He may be the brass ring in the coaching carousel, yet Tommy Tuberville remains silent as Louisville, Virginia, and Notre Dame all begin their searches for a new coach and a new direction.

Sure, the rumor mill is in full circle, connecting for the former Auburn coach with all three jobs at one time or another, but those wild predictions remain just that.

Tuberville has yet to speak to the media nor has a program even publicly announced an interview with the potential candidate.

It may be early, but honestly, what are they waiting for?

After all, Tuberville is one of the few potential candidates that is ready right now. While other hot names like Chris Petersen, Brian Kelly, Charlie Strong, and Skip Holtz all have games remaining on their respective schedules, Tuberville has been sitting at home for a year waiting to break back into his coaching gear like Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden.

Programs hate transitions, the best college football teams need consistency at the top. It is this time of uncertainty that blue-chip recruits get nervous about the commitments they made to the recently deposed coach. It is when donors and fans need to feel inspired and confident in their new choice.