In D’Iberville, McDaniel pounds away at on Barbours, Cochran camp

D’IBERVILLE — Chris McDaniel was just getting warmed up before an adoring Tea Party crowd Monday evening.

He went through his usual laundry list of problems he had with the runoff election he lost to Sen. Thad Cochran on June 24. Among his allegations: Illegal crossover voting by crossover voters who’d voted Democratic in the June 3 primary, and race baiting by the Barbour-family led Cochran team, who, he said, called him a racist and abandoned the principles of the GOP. He said their tactics pushed 40,000 Democratic voters into the runoff and essentially allowed the Democrats to decide the Republican nominee.

“Because of desperation, the love of money, the love of power. It’s time to call them out, remind them what it really means to be a Republican.”

Henry Barbour, Cochran’s senior campaign adviser, has said it was leaving the circus behind and focusing on November.

McDaniel isn’t. He promised to keep fighting and urged his followers to keep fighting, too. He said the entire country was watching. He even cracked a joke at the expense of newspaper columnists.

“I have never received more advice from Democratic columnists than I have lately,” he said.

Sun Herald