Which 10 College Football Programs Will Dominate The Next Decade?

To help determine which 10 college football programs will dominate the next decade, we should start by asking, which 10 programs have dominated this decade?

USC, obviously, has been the most dominant. They won or shared seven straight Pac-10 titles since 2002 and had a 5-1 record in BCS bowls, including a national championship in 2004 and a contested shot in 2003.

Ohio State is another easy selection. They’ve won six straight Big Ten titles and appear in position to win a seventh. Their recruiting has been phenomenal, and they’ve owned the rivalry with Michigan. Their struggles in BCS bowls aside, their the flagship program of the Big Ten conference.

Oklahoma and Texas have dominated the Big 12 and beyond. Oklahoma won the 2000 BCS championship and has been to two national championship games and two other BCS bowls since.

Texas, besides winning the 2005 BCS Championship, went to the Rose Bowl in consecutive years, captivated an entire nation courtesy of the greatest player in the past 50 years, and then did it again four years later.