Which primary to vote in is a question in Calhoun – Local politics vs. Statewide elections

Calhoun Countians will have to choose when they go to the polls to vote on Aug. 2 whether they will participate in the Democrat or Republican primaries.

If they choose Republican, they will see a maximum of two county races on their ballot, depending on which county precinct they vote in, and a host of statewide races.

If they choose Democrat, every precinct will have supervisor, superintendent, sheriff, and coroner races. Some precincts will also have constable and judge races. The Democratic ballot will only have one or two state races depending on which precinct you are in.

Whichever primary voters choose to vote in on Aug. 2, they will be obligated to that primary on Aug. 23. For example, anyone who votes in the Republican Primary on Aug. 2 would not be able to participate in Democratic runoffs on Aug. 23 for sheriff or supervisor in District Five.

Copies of both the Republican and Democratic ballots will be posted on the walls of each precinct to help voters decide which primary they want to vote in.
Voters can vote on any voting machine in the precinct. There are no Republican or Democrat machines. The card inserted in the machine by the voter tells the machine which primary ballot to pull up.

Absentee voting is ongoing now with a deadline of July 30 at noon. Citizens who need a ballot mailed to them – must be out of county, disabled, or over 65 – must make that request by July 22.

In the general election on Nov. 8, all candidates – Democratic, Republican, Independent and other party candidates – will be listed on the same ballot and voters registered to vote 30 days prior can choose to vote for one candidate per office listed on the ballot.

Calhoun County Journal