While not preferable, No. 2 is good enough …

Alabama fans were probably disappointed to learn this morning that the Crimson Tide missed out on its first regular season No. 1 ranking since the 1980 season at the expense of Texas.
In my opinion, they shouldn’t be.
Alabama may actually be better off where it is, and here’s why …
– Remember, of course, that two teams play for the big prize, not one. At this point, there is no way Alabama could win out and not find itself in the BCS title game.

– The pressure at No. 2 is not the same as at No. 1. It just isn’t, no matter how much attention a team receives for being in the top five.

– Texas has to play Missouri (No. 11), Oklahoma State (No. 8) and Texas Tech (No. 7) each of the next three weeks.