Today, Keith Plunkett, assistant chief cook and bottle washer for the re-re-revamped United Conservatives Fund posted an article on MSPEP about the mainstream press not playing it straight with President-elect Trump. No real news there.

The article had its own cute little graphic. It talked about CNN shading the replacement of the announcer of the inaugural parade. It even referenced a Cornell study. Pretty standard stuff for a conservative blogger.

But not even 12 months earlier when Plunkett was assistant chief cook and bottle washer for the Ted Cruz campaign in Mississippi, he wrote an article called Playing the Trump Card deriding Trump and his supporters in Mississippi that even featured Trump in clownface and referred to Trump supporters as the then-perjorative “Trumpsters”.

The internet is written in ink, not in crayon. Yet this is the braintrust that is trying to overthrow the GOP “establishment” in Mississippi. They’ve yet to pass a bill, elect a candidate and, to the best of my reckoning, have raised less money than most girl scout troops over the same period.

I make that goofy point to make this real one . . . There’s going to be frustration with GOP control and a super-majority in what is a pretty tough political and budget environment both in the state and nationally. I can personally say I’ve already started to feel it in Mississippi. It seems that in the Legislature we’ve put little effort into big things and big effort into little things. As I’ve said on multiple occasions, this is a once in a generation opportunity to do big things. Major education reform (like cutting the number of school districts in half), creating a better economic development environment, and possibly even updating Mississippi’s antiquated 1890 Constitution are all things that are easily in our grasp here in the state. Republicans are going to own this deal and there are going to be lots of people trying to capitalize off of the frustration if big things aren’t accomplished. But history is what it is, and it’s going to be critical when those moments come that the people who want change even within the party are not just winners of meme-competitions and shouting contests.

We need people that show up to work everyday not thinking of themselves first. This is real stuff and and we need real people at the table.