Whisenhunt showed poise from his days at Tech

Now the National Football League championship moves into the penultimate stage. And no, the Falcons are not in it, dismissed by the Arizona Cardinals, a team usually at leisure this time of year. Naturally, interest in the game between these Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles is not exactly a-boil in these parts because a sports fan is one whose interest is gauged by one factor: Does he have a dog in the fight, so to speak?

Naturally, Atlantans resent the Cardinals because they eliminated their Falcons, who had come to be beloved in our midst. So who cares how the Cardinals and Eagles make out in this fowl fight? If they were real birds of the feather, an eagle would always be a serious over-match for a cardinal. But let’s not be too swift to declare tepid interest, for as time has played out, our precinct does indeed have a “dog in the fight,” or in this case, a bird.