I hope all is well.
Please pardon my timing as I’m talking politics just a week after our statewide elections.
However, another extremely important decision is just weeks away.

Attention has already turned to the upcoming March primary for Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District.
Because so many of you have been in touch with words of support and encouragement, I felt it appropriate to send a quick note to let you know “where I am” on this race.

After much prayerful consideration with Shelley, I have chosen not to run. Candidly – the timing is just not right.

On a personal level, we are raising two young boys in the district and we’re expecting a girl just after the new year.
Although various opportunities may come and go, I know I’ll only have one shot at seeing the “day to day” of our children’s first years.

Professionally, I am enjoying my position as Deputy Director of Mississippi Development Authority.
In this statewide role, I have the daily privilege of making a positive difference for Mississippi. And, I’m looking forward to continuing to help Governor Barbour bring jobs and investment to communities all over our state.

Shelley and I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement received during our decision-making process.
This has not been an easy decision, nor has it been one taken lightly. However, at this moment in time, it’s the right decision for the right reasons.

The above said, I’m pleased to tell you Senator Charlie Ross is in this race.
Charlie and his wife Sharon are wonderful people – as good as it gets. Charlie has been such a strong, effective leader on the state level. And now, we have a chance to put his knowledge, experience, and relationships in-play on the federal level.
I trust you’ll agree, we need somebody who can go to D.C. with instant credibility and begin having a meaningful impact from day one!

That’s why I’ll be supporting Charlie 100% and why I’m asking you to consider doing the same.
Mississippi, particularly the 3rd Congressional District, will be best-represented with Charlie Ross as our next United States Congressman.

Thanks – appreciate you.