Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to make it clear that every list you’ll see regarding the most difficult schedule for the 2008 college football season is entirely subjective. There are any number of formulas someone could use to arrive at a conclusion but ultimately the person compiling the list is controlling the data.

I based my list on various pre-season Top 25 polls that have been released, including my own. I did not use records from last season because a team’s performance from last year doesn’t matter.

In addition, I took into account where those tough games take place – at home or on the road. Ultimately, I ranked the teams based on the total number of pre-season Top 25 games on the schedule and how many of those games are at home or on the road.

You can tell me what an idiot I am after you check out the list.

1. Georgia

Georgia is one of the teams being mentioned as a contender for the BCS championship. First, the Bulldogs will have to earn their way through the always tough SEC before they can make travel arrangements to Miami. The Bulldogs were an easy selection, scheduled to face no less than six teams currently ranked in all of the pre-season Top 25 polls. The Bulldogs will face Florida, Tennessee and Alabama at home and LSU, Arizona State and Auburn on the road. They’ll face South Carolina which has a shot at getting into the Top 25 this year and in-state rival Georgia Tech always provides a challenge.

. Nebraska

The Cornhuskers aren’t going to have it easy under new head coach Bo Pellini facing six teams in the pre-season Top 25. Big Red should be 3-0 when the first test of the season rolls around against Virginia Tech. Nebraska gets Missouri, Kansas and Colorado at home with road dates against Oklahoma and Texas Tech.