Who’s in your five?: Guys who might want a piece of Canseco

Each day we will have a “Who’s in Your Five” list. You can agree or disagree, add to or subtract from this and future lists of games and moments from sports present and past.
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Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that Jose Canseco is seeking a challenger to fight him July 12 in Atlantic City. The opponent would be paid $5,000. Anyone who hopes to challenge Canseco can email [email protected]

Here are five guys who don’t need the money but might want to get into the ring with the former baseball player turned book writer.

1. Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees, 3B: Canseco accused Rodriguez of a lot of things but one of them was hitting on his wife. A-Rod has got to be anxious to pop Canseco with a couple of combinations. Lets get ready to rumble.