Why Have Bill Belichick’s Disciples Failed to Succeed?

Sometimes, the apple falls a little further from the tree than usual.

With some of Bill Belichick’s disciples, it’s safe to say the apple fell off the tree, rolled down a hill, across the street, and into a sewage drain.

How one of the greatest head coaches of our time has dispensed so many head coaches that have utterly failed to live up to expectations leaves a lot of space to wonder.

All these men were heralded play-callers who could maximize the talents of their players. The additional work implied with any head coaching job goes far above and beyond those of a coordinator, though. Head coaches largely take charge of personnel decisions ranging from players to coordinators, and all the staffing in between.

With that in mind, I’ll take a look at some of Belichick’s most notable disciples and grade their performance since they left the Patriots’ threshold.