Why is ‘self-promoter’ Jim Hood conducting a secret investigation into West testimony?

Hood also told the TV station that his office is looking into 20 cases that may have been tainted by West’s testimony. That’s interesting, because it’s the first time a Mississippi state official has made any mention of a voluntary investigation into either Hood or West. In the past, they’ve waited for defense attorneys or organizations like the Innocence Project to bring challenges case by case — and then typically opposed those challenges. But when Hood’s office was asked for a list of what cases they’re investigating, or if The Huffington Post could speak to the attorney in charge of the investigation, they simply responded, “We cannot release any of the information you are requesting at this time.”

In the past, Hood has been open, a critic might even say self-promoting, about his office’s investigations. So it’s odd that he’d be secretive about this one.

“If there’s some sort of investigation or review of West cases going on, this is the first I’ve heard of it,” Simpson said. “And I don’t know why you do it in secret. I’d certainly be interested to know what cases they’re looking at, and what sorts of resources they’re using.”

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