Why Kentucky went bowling and MSU didn’t….

Below is an email we received on The Out of Bounds Show.

interesting football stats MSU and Kentucky

Here is more proof of what we already know. According to the NCAA, MSU had the toughest football schedule in the nation last year. Where was Kentucky?
The Cats were #58. Think about it. UK played Bama and Florida and still played the 58th toughest schedule. This means that Mitch Barnhart made sure to schedule patsies in his non-SEC games.
The results? MSU sits at home with a 5-7 record and misses and extra month of practice for the coaches to work with young players. Kentucky goes bowling, yet again. Would any reasonable person say that if you switched schedules that MSU would have stayed home in December?

Ah, the brilliance of Larry Templeton. Sadly, schedules are worked out so far in advance that MSU still has a long way to go to get away from Templeton’s incompetence.

Here is the link with the Strength of Schedule as ranked by the NCAA.

The rebs were at #45
Vandy at #51
Kentucky at #58

With two 1-AA schools on their schedule, I’m surprised the rebs were ranked that high.

Other notables:
Penn State 48
Notre Dame 50
Southern Cal 54
Texas Tech 66
Boise St 81
Houston 95
Southern Miss 107 (ouch!)
Middle Tennessee 119 (out of 120 teams and they went to a Bowl game).

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