Why Tommy Tuberville Will Help Texas Tech

I want to make one thing clear before I start. I am glad Tommy Tuberville is gone from Auburn.

There was a conflict between him and some of the Auburn alumni and ex-coaches that was hurting the program at Auburn. The fault for this was on both sides. I will not elaborate, as that is an Auburn story and this is about Texas Tech.

Tommy Tuberville took over Auburn after the tenure of a great in-game coach and a lazy recruiter. Tuberville then immediately raised the level of talent in the program. If anyone should doubt his ability to find and secure talent feel free to look at a few of his former players in the NFL here .

Tommy Tuberville does not believe in the normal scouting services like Rivals and Scout. Most of his recruits came from prospects who were invited and took part in a series of camps he ran. He brought them in and evaluated them to his own standards.

Depending on how much Scout and Rivals paid attention to the results of these camps, his recruiting class rating varied. The talent never did. The one problem with his system was academic eligibility.