Wicker and Musgrove – State needs more men like Jim Bean

A conversation about Jim Bean by U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker and former Miss. Gov. Ronnie Musgrove

Jim Bean was once a mentor to both of us as freshmen state senators. Jim was a personal friend as well as a colleague. As soon as we learned of his recent death, we got in touch with each other by phone. What follows is a short version of our reminiscing.

RM: Roger, we were surely fortunate to have the example of Jim Bean to learn from as young senators in our 30s.

RW: Right. And it wasn’t like he was an experienced legislator himself, having won a special election only two years earlier. It was partly that he brought such a great life experience with him to the state Senate.

RM: Jim Bean had already made a success of himself in business before offering himself for public service.

RW: I viewed him as almost an ideal example of a citizen-legislator.

Clarion Ledger