Wicker – Bringing NY terrorist suspect to trial in U.S. doesn’t make sense

“Think of what jeopardy it puts the court officials [and jurors] in…,” Wicker notes. “How would you like to be chosen a juror in a terrorist trial in civilian court and have to be watching over your shoulder for the rest of your life for a terrorist to come get you? It just doesn’t make any sense, [and] the people are against it.”

The Mississippi lawmaker is also concerned that the president does not seem to trust General Stanley McChrystal (USA) when comes to the question of troop levels in Afghanistan.

“We know what the general’s recommendation is. We have to assume that he’s made this based on the best military information he has, the best intelligence and his decades of military experience and know-how,” contends Wicker. “The president, I think for political reasons to satisfy his left-wing base, will not allow what the general says is necessary.”

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