Senator Roger Wicker explains his lone ‘no’ vote on climate amendment

According to Wicker’s office, the senator opposed the amendment to the Keystone XL Pipeline bill, cosponsored by Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and Inhofe, among others, because he saw it as “a political show vote.”

“The Whitehouse amendment is an attempt to stop the construction of the Keystone pipeline using disputed facts,” the senator said in a written statement to Mashable.

“My record is very clear on this issue, and I will not change my position based on a political show vote.

I agree with the more than 31,000 American scientists who do not believe the science on this matter is settled. Scientific research is advanced by asking questions and allowing for multiple viewpoints. With so much at stake –- our economy, our livelihoods, and our environment –- we should be tolerant of differences of opinion.”