Talk of a Wicker versus McDaniel Senate primary ramps up

President Trump called Roger Wicker last week to offer his support for a re-election bid. Wicker’s campaign manager sent the following statement.

“Roger Wicker leads the Senate in support of President Trump’s agenda, so we are happy to have President Trump’s support. As much as Senator McDaniel may want it to be true, “Washington, D.C” will not be on the ballot in Mississippi next June. Senator Roger Wicker will be on the ballot – the same Roger Wicker known to Mississippi Republicans as a stalwart conservative, who is very popular with conservative voters, including those who identify closely with the Tea Party. It’s the same Roger Wicker who travels the state with his wife Gayle meeting with Mississippians every weekend and every day the Senate is not in session. It’s the same Roger Wicker who traveled the country in 2016 working to defeat Democrats and elect Donald Trump. We are organizing volunteers in all 82 Mississippi counties, working to earn each vote and taking nothing for granted. We look forward to comparing records with Senator McDaniel. We’ll be ready for a competitive race.” — Justin Brasell

The Tea Party closely aligned with McDaniel during his 2014 bid for Senate. McDaniel’s policy advisor Keith Plunkett sent the following comments regarding Wicker.

“Mississippians recognize in Senator Chris McDaniel a person who knows them and knows their values. The people in this state don’t have anyone in the U.S. Senate today who truly represents them. The people who live and work here know it. Senator Wicker and his team of political operatives, lobbyists and politically connected special interests know it. That’s why many voters in Mississippi are suddenly getting to meet Senator Wicker for the very first time through his pandering social media ads and statements, and his attempts to connect himself to President Donald Trump’s popularity here.

“As the Chairman of the NRSC Wicker advised Republican Senators to stay away from Mr. Trump as a candidate, calling his policies “misguided” and saying the president was prone to “farcical fits.” Now Senator Wicker wants to appear as if he has always been in tune with Trump’s agenda and what Mississippians believe. Senator Wicker has adopted the appearance of a muscle car but their is nothing under the hood. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and DC’s special interests are once again working to sell Mississippi a lemon that has repeatedly proven to be defective.”