WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) Friday discussed the nation’s growing federal debt on the Senate Floor. Wicker was joined by Senator Jeff Sessions, Ranking Member of the Budget Committee.

Click here or on the image below to watch Senator Wicker’s remarks.

Excerpt of Wicker’s remarks:

“The President of the United States is doing everything he can to change the subject from that real central issue of our faltering economy. And yes, the mainstream media is out there playing trivial pursuit in talking about everything that is not important and that is a distraction. But you just cannot get around the facts. And the facts are these: we have a $16 trillion dollar staggering debt in this country, and this government has added $6 trillion dollars in three and a half short years. It’s just a fact and you can’t get around it.

“You also cannot get around these absolute truths. We have had no appropriation bills come out of the Senate this year. Now our Republican friends in the House – it’s a different story. They’ve done their work, and they have passed product after product, like they are supposed to do. And my hat is off to the Chair, the gentleman from Kentucky, Chairman Rogers for getting the appropriation bills done. We haven’t done that in this Democrat-led Senate. We haven’t passed a defense bill – first time in half a century that we will have gone through a whole session and not have passed a defense bill at a time when we have troops at war, troops in harm’s way. Our men and women are putting themselves at risk and fighting and dying. We don’t have a defense bill.”

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