U. S. Rep. Roger Wicker (R-MS) formally endorsed the presidential candidacy of Republican Fred Thompson Thursday.

The former Tennessee senator officially entered the 2008 presidential race on September 5th. Rep. Wicker noted that he and Thompson share the same strong conservative philosophy.

The Congressman said, “Fred Thompson brings an imposing, presidential presence to this campaign along with a consistent record on mainstream conservative principles that will resonate with the American people. He also knows Mississippi well. As a good neighbor from just across the border, he understands and shares our concerns about maintaining a strong national defense and fighting terrorism, keeping taxes low, and preserving the values that have made our country great.”

Wicker said Thompson’s high standing in Republican primary polling even before entering the race reflects Thompson’s viability as a candidate. “I expect that support to grow as more voters get to know Fred Thompson and hear his vision for our country’s future,” Wicker said.

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