The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 10/30/8

For much of the current Senate campaign, Republican candidate Roger Wicker has tried to tie his Democratic opponent, Ronnie Musgrove, to presidential candidate Barack Obama.

But in an unusual twist, Wicker is now asking Obama supporters for their votes. He has been running radio commercials quoting people who say they are voting for Obama for president and Wicker for senator.

On numerous occasions, Wicker has lambasted Obama, an Illinois senator.

Recently Wicker said Obama was “the first presidential candidate since Walter Mondale to actually go ahead and admit that he’s planning on raising taxes after being elected president and very importantly, John McCain will appoint pro-life, conservative, strict constructionist members of the U.S. Supreme Court, and Barack Obama, the most liberal member of the United States Senate, will not.”

At the Neshoba County Fair in August, Wicker said, “Barack Obama is certainly supporting Ronnie Musgrove. He wants Ronnie elected.”

But Wicker is still courting Obama supporters.