WTOK, 10/6/8

The Roger Wicker-Ronnie Musgrove race is apparently neck-and-neck, with just 29 days will the Nov. 4 election.

So far, the only face-to-face meeting took place Friday in a debate aired by WTOK-TV and its statewide network partners.

But did the candidates have their facts straight?

They are two issues the Wicker and Musgrove campaigns have zeroed in on the last few weeks. They were also big topics in last week’s debate.

“Gov. Kirk Fordice left the Ronnie Musgrove administration with a $230 million dollar rainy day fund,” said Wicker, a Republican appointed by the governor to fill the Senate seat until the special election. “He spent every bit of it in four short years, and in addition to that, ran a $700 million budget hole.”

“In this instance, if you look at all the information, all of the record, I think it’s clear that Roger Wicker voted nine times for his own pay raise,” said Musgrove, a Democrat and a former Mississippi governor.

So who do you believe? Can those numbers be correct?