Illegal Immigration: Jeb Bush, Roger Wicker Share Views on Fixing the Problem

But your Congressman in D.C. Roger Wicker recently proposed legislation that would work toward getting rid of them.

“The recent tragedy in San Francisco serves as a clear example of the need for congressional action on so-called ‘sanctuary cities,’” Wicker said. “We should be promoting the effective enforcement of immigration laws across the country rather than standing by while some areas ignore those laws to suit their own agenda. This important legislation would make our communities safer.”

The Protecting American Lives Act would close the gaps in immigration legislation by denying any federal money to state or local authorities that refuse to follow immigration laws. In addition, any illegal immigrants being detained would have to have their ID filed with Homeland Security. If an illegal immigrant had been deported and then returned to America again, that person could be put in prison for at least 5 years.