Rep. Roger Wicker said Senator Trent Lott’s career would be remembered as one of the most remarkable in Mississippi political history. “Trent Lott has devoted his life to serving his fellow Mississippians,” Wicker said. “For more than 35 years, his leadership and experience on Capitol Hill have helped ensure our interests were protected.”

Wicker noted that Lott was 31 when first elected to the House of Representatives and that he used his experience and political savvy as a former Congressional staffer quickly to become an effective tactician and leader. He made history by being the first person ever elected to the Whip position in both House and Senate in addition to serving as Senate majority leader.

Wicker said Lott’s contributions to our state “have been immense,” listing Lott’s work on transportation and economic development issues. “The Senator was especially effective in advocating for Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Even as he coped with the loss of his home, he was a force in helping secure the resources Mississippi needed to get back on track.”

The Congressman said, “It has been a privilege to know and work with Trent Lott for 35 years. I worked for him on his staff and later with him as a colleague. He will leave a legacy of leadership and accomplishment that will be hard to match

Rep. Roger Wicker Press Release