Wicker Opposes Debt Limit Increase

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., issued the following statement
today after voting against raising the limit on the national debt by $1.9
trillion to a record $14.3 trillion:

“The American people are demanding that the federal government
stop the spending spree. Passing this resolution – which raises the limit
on the nation’s credit card to a record $14.3 trillion – shows that too many
of us are still not listening.

“Last year’s deficit was a record-setting $1.4 trillion, which
is three times more than any single year deficit in our nation’s history.
The outlook for this year is not expected to be much better. In fact, the
budget passed last year sets the path for trillion-dollar annual deficits
every year for the next decade. At that rate, debt limit increases would
become common practice and our public debt could soar to $24.5 trillion by

“It is past time for Congress to start showing the American
people that we are serious about getting our fiscal house in order. Today’s
vote was a step in the wrong direction.”