Ronnie Musgrove’s story of lost jobs under his watch as Governor continues to change daily, if not by the minute.

Last Wednesday in his speech at the Neshoba county fair Musgrove claimed, “my administration led to the creation of 52,000 new jobs.”

Minutes later, when being asked by WLBT about these mystery jobs he changed his story: “No one ever talked about being a net gain, just like today we don’t know what the net gain of jobs is.”

While addressing a crowd at the Stennis-Capitol Press Luncheon on Monday, Musgrove said only 1,085 jobs were lost under his watch as Governor.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics during Ronnie Musgrove’s tenure as Governor the state lost 37,500 jobs (see charts below).

“Ronnie Musgrove can come up with as many ways to twist the facts as he wants, but everyone in Mississippi knows the truth: under the Ronnie Musgrove administration, Mississippi experienced record job loss,” said Wicker for Senate spokesman Ryan Annison.

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Source Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Non-Farm Seasonally Adjusted Employment January 2000 – January 2004. Non-Farm Employment is used as the most clear picture of employment because it doesn’t include government, private households, nonprofits and farms.

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