Wicker “surprised” Congress didn’t accept 2-month payroll tax extension

Wicker recently voted with 90 percent of the Senate to extend payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits for two months, through the holiday season.

The bipartisan Senate bill also included a provision to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline.

House Republicans, including Rep. Alan Nunnelee have said they will vote against the Senate’s version of the bill because it doesn’t extend the tax cuts for a full year.

“I’m surprised the House isn’t willing to take a two month time out to do something more lasting,” Wicker said. “It’s a fairly reasonable price for a large program that will add 130,000 jobs through the Keystone Pipeline.”

Nunnelee said he expects the House to vote the bill down late Monday. If it is voted down, the House and Senate will go to conference on the bill to reach an agreement.

“A two month extension of the payroll tax is an example of how Washington is out of touch with regular America,” Nunnelee said. “Businesses cannot make plans without knowing what their withholdings will be for their employees.”

Desoto Times Tribune