Important clarification on White House news release regarding Senator Wicker

Friends in the Mississippi press,

Many of you received a press release from the White House this morning (included below) regarding Senator Wicker’s appointment to serve as a representative to the United Nations General Assembly. The White House press release has caused some confusion. Senator Wicker WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE AS A U.S. SENATOR during this appointment.

The practice of congressional representation on the U.S. General Assembly delegation started back in 1946 at the first session of the Assembly when Members of the Senate and House held positions as Representatives and Alternate Representatives. Since then, two Senators alternated with two House Representatives. (The Senate members served during years when the House was up for election.) Typically, the Senators chosen are members serving on the Foreign Relations Committee because the appointment is in line with the work done on that specific committee. Generally, Members serve for the three-month main portion of the U.N. General Assembly session (mid-September through mid-December). Members are assigned to follow the activities of one of the General Assembly’s main committees. The Senators remain in the U.S. Senate while serving as a representative to the U.N. General Assembly.

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