WikiScruggs has been busy trying to peice P.L. Blake’s history

PL Blake and Tom Anderson: Why?

One would like to know what the connection between PL Blake and Tom Anderson was all about. PL Blake seemed to be with his wife (Shirley F. Blake) firmly placed int Greenwood, MS. From there they operated PLB Grain Storage for a time and Dewitt Corporation. Their son Mark Blake who seems to have had a business called Mark Blake & Associates. From Greenwood PL Blake and Shirley F. Blake made political contributions. See, e.g. this.

Tom Anderson had been in Washington, D.C. working for Trent Lott. Senator Lott had been a very powerful senator. Anderson was there when Lott had his power.

Now the two, according to the Scruggs testimony in Luckey v. Scruggs are tied together in something called Developing Markets Group.

Obviously, Blake and Anderson came together at least for a time. Blake to do what needed to be done in Mississippi and the surrounding area? Anderson to do what needed to be done in Washington, D.C.?