Will Florida voters remember Haley’s involvement in 2010 GOP primary there?

With Haley Barbour’s announcement that he’s picking up some Florida talent for a possible presidential bid, Rick Scott’s longtime supporters have been abuzz with the story of how Scott firmly but quietly rebuked the Mississippi governor for meddling in Florida’s acerbic GOP primary.

“Haley, you cost me more than $7 million,” Scott had told him repeatedly, as if reciting a mantra, sources say.

The conversation came the day after Scott won the Aug. 24 primary in an improbable victory against Republican rival Bill McCollum and party insiders like Barbour, who was the head of the Republican Governor’s Association as it tacitly steered money to defeat Scott.

The behind-the-scenes support for McCollum was brought out in the open by Barbour, who issued a rare Aug. 17 proclamation condemning a Scott ad that tied McCollum to party boss Jim Greer.

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