Will Jacksonville Jaguars draft Tim Tebow?

Will the Jacksonville Jaguars draft Tim Tebow in the first round?

The Jaguars pick either tenth or eleventh in the 2010 draft and all the talk is that they are looking at University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow to bring back the fans who have not been filling the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

Tebow has showed that he is not an NFL ready player however the Jaguars do have David Garrard under centre which would give Tebow a season or two to find his feet.

I believe that the Jaguars will take Tebow and he will take him in the first round. He is a great fit for the organisation because he went to high school in Florida and even lived in Jacksonville.

Taking the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, who lived in Jacksonville and is the star player for the University of Florida seems a no brainer. I do believe that taking Tebow in the first round is early but I don’t believe he will fall into round two.