Will Meyer know when it’s time to quit?

But as I’ve watched his sudden retirement reduced to a leave of absence and now to nothing more than a longer lunch hour, one suggestion would jokingly be: Maybe he ought to do something like this every year.

After all, the Gators are recruiting like gangbusters. So well in fact that ESPN’s Tom Luginbill has said this might end up being one of the best signing classes ever.

Clearly, some of the top college football players out there are convinced Meyer plans to be coaching for a while longer.

Then again, maybe Florida has a national brand that sells no matter what the circumstances are surrounding the head coach.

I’d probably lean toward the latter, and I’d also give Meyer a lot of the credit for elevating the program to that level. The Gators aren’t just getting great players out of Florida. They’re getting them out of Virginia, California, South Carolina, Maryland and New York.

Meyer has poured every waking second into this football program and admittedly ignored his own well-being in the process, that is the reason he found himself at the emergency room with severe chest pains the morning after Florida’s loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game.