Will Tim Tebow head to the NFC East come NFL Draft day?
Tim Tebow had a private workout for the Redskins, and the Eagles reportedly have interest heading into the NFL Draft.

Philadelphia Eagles
Pick No. 24

Areas of Need: OL, LB, QB

Where would Tebow Fit: Ever since the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Redskins, talk has heated up that the Eagles have a serious interest in Tebow. Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported that “the Eagles will focus on Tebow.” Philadelphia seems ready to move on with Kevin Kolb, but with Brian Westbrook gone, too, Tebow could find a very nice place here as a QB, short-yardage back and Wildcat man.

Chances: So-so. Perhaps the speculation is all smokescreen. Or perhaps the Eagles really do like them some Tebow.