Now that Travis Childers has expressed uncertainty about his support for Speaker Nancy Pelosi should he be re-elected, it becomes worthy of noting that Travis Childers has received a lot of money directly and indirectly from Nancy Pelosi THIS campaign cycle.

In March 2009, shortly after Travis Childers voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, Nancy Pelosi directly pumped $4,000 into Childers’s campaign coffers.

235 Montgomery Street Suite 610
San Francisco, California 94104
03/31/2009 2000.00

That same day, Nancy Pelosi’s PAC To The Future, donated another $10,000 to Childers. Childers ties for 10th in terms of money expended from Nancy Pelosi’s PAC.

PMB 3230 268 Bush Street
San Francisco, California 94104
03/31/2009 5000.00

Childers equivocated a bit on whether or not he would support Pelosi saying that he wanted to support someone for Speaker that was Pro-Life and Pro-Gun (seemingly John Boehner would fit that description and Nancy Pelosi would not, but I digress). Will he come out and say whether or not he will vote for Nancy Pelosi, abstain from voting for Speaker (making him powerless in a new Congress) or return the money she has given him for this election?

They’re interesting questions. Like the Obamacare vote, he’s trying to ride the Speaker vote down to the bitter end and hoping to avoid a direct question about who he will vote for. We at YallPolitics saw his equivocation coming weeks ago.

Speaking of the Speaker, I believe that Childers will find a way to put his future support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in some question with voters. I don’t think he will come out and say that he’s changed his mind and won’t vote for her, but I do think he’ll say something like, “I’m not sure who I will support for Speaker if re-elected, or who is even running for that matter”. He won’t be able to outright flip-flop on her, but it will be an increasing issue come closer to the election.

And now this.

I hope he’s wearin’ briar-britches. He’s likely to get splinters in his butt for riding the fence so hard.